5,000 or 10,000 steps – where you might Walk to do them and explore in Reading, Berkshire, England, UK?

On 8th August 2023- BBC Science Focus, released an article – ‘Forget 10,000 steps – walking just 5,000 is enough to lower your risk of death, says science. If you often fall short of your daily walking targets, you might still be benefitting – as long as you meet certain minimums’.

This gradually hit headlines especially on the morning of Thursday 10th August, just before I led a tight & interesting group of Walkers, some new to my Walkabouts, others regular supporters on my ‘Reading’s Proud Photographic Heritage’ tour.

This is probably my favourite Walkabout (Guided Walk – out of the 17 different ones I do) – Why – It features 13 Reading Famous & some not so Famous Photographers (from World Famous Fox Talbot on-wards) with some buildings from Reading’s past + some fascinating tangents, including how reading helped to win WW2!

As a Guide it is important that where possible we have a great follow-up social chat in a coffee shop in Broad Street, I wondered home for a bit of R & R.

I had just got home at 2.30pmish and turned on the cricket when my mobile rang!

Well, that was a surprise, it was Dan Simpson from BBC Radio Berkshire / Oxfordshire. He wanted to talk to me about making the most of your 5,000 steps in Reading, some ideas where to walk, including unusual places close to the town centre etc. It would be rather short discussion, pre recorded, but I knew that it would still be useful to do for all of us!

It went out at about 6.15pm that night and although I never like to listed to myself, I think it went well and so do some of the people who listened, according to the feedback from my walkers, supporters, family etc.

Well if you start about 16 mins in you can make you own mind up using this link – https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0g0064b